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When I was publishing regional magazines my favorite Scripture became Psalm 68:11 (KJV). “The Lord gave the Word: Great was the company of those that published it.” The NIV uses “proclaimed” instead of published. Granted, this Psalm is rarely if ever quoted, but for those who speak as well as write the Word of God (publish and proclaim), it should serve as motivation and inspiration for effectively communicating God’s Word.

Last week I saw an announcement stating that the topic, “social media,” had taken over the top spot for internet searches. Pornography was unseated after years of being number one and is now regulated to the still lofty #2 position. My first thought was, “why isn’t God #1?” But I realized the answer is simple… Pastors and Christians are not proclaiming the Word to the hundreds of thousands of people who find relationships on the internet.

Couple the communication power of the internet with the leadership potential of Pastors and Christian writers, and the opportunities for real soul-saving power of the written and spoken word is simply immeasurable. Here are what I believe are the top 10 reasons for each one of you to be blogging.

10. Speed and Agility of Communication

The ability to communicate quickly and, in almost every case, freely exists on the internet. Reaching the e-mail boxes of thousands in just seconds (without licking stamps!) is superior to all other means of communication. Thoughts, requests, events, and teachings are delivered immediately which, in turn, leads to faster responses.

9. Improved research and writing ability

As a Pastor, if you begin to blog, you will find that the process of writing will improve your written delivery. And for some reason, speaking ability typically improves, as well.

8. Increased Wisdom

Communicating becomes a responsibility and with that responsibility is the need to publish and proclaim that which is spiritually correct. How do you know if what you are sharing is spiritually correct? God-given wisdom!

7. Networking your Common Community

Touching base with past friends and relatives is great for catching up, but developing a wider circle of contacts with a common goal of publishing and proclaiming God’s Word will sharpen and hone your skills even further (“as iron sharpens iron”).

6. Distinguish yourself

Notoriety isn’t something we aim for but, as a member of the company in Ps. 68:11, it’s a sign of spiritual maturity when God would bless you with visibility and respect. I’m sure He thinks you can handle it.

5. Entrance into new territories or communities

You may not be able to go door-to-door to introduce yourself, and you may not get invited to events where you can meet new people, but social media breaks down those roadblocks and puts you in contact with typically hard-to-reach people.

4. Show ‘em you’re human

It’s difficult for some Pastors and Christians to demonstrate their humanity in many social settings. We’re called upon to exhibit spiritualism, and at home we are an entirely different person. Day-to-day minutia lends itself to a more human countenance, as in, “I’m going out to cut the grass now.”

3. Tell ‘em, show ‘em and tell ‘em again

I’ve often wondered what the results would be if a congregation was called 3-4 hours after hearing a sermon and asked to simply say what the sermon was about. A day later, a week later? I think many a Pastor would be surprised at how short-lived the short-term memory is of their congregation…with blogging, status up-dates and the ease of posting a video, the Pastor can both support his or her lesson and follow up.

2. They’re listening to someone

There are huge numbers of people around the world involved in finding their niche. They’re listening to someone who is filling their minds and their souls with some type of communication. If pornography is as pervasive as we are told it is, then we can safely assume that a large percentage of what people are reading and hearing is harmful. You and I have the opportunity – and the responsibility — to change that. We should – and must! — be about our Father’s business.

1.  Help change the world

It is naïve to believe that the majority of Americans, let alone the foreign population, know what you know about Jesus. If you and I, together with other believers, pick up the banner of Christ and begin to proclaim and publish on the internet, God will see to it that whoever needs it will find it. God is more than able to lead the hurting, seeking, and lost to someone’s blog. We need more blogs for exposure and salvation.

Do you believe that God is able to take our efforts and make them produce fruit? I believe that He is waiting on us to start shouting to the unsaved world. God’s call is on all of us to spread His Word.

What would He have you do?

In His service and yours,